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Can you help hungry Kirkland kids with a box of food over Spring Break?
Kirkland Nourishing Network is trying to fill some gaps in food security.
We work with school counselors to help families in need
while we seek more sustainable solutions for these kids and their households.
Each box is under $50 with a standard menu of items. All the information is on the sign up links below.

​Will you (or your group) bring a box?
We are providing boxes for ALL Kirkland elementary schools with need. That means we need donors for over 200 boxes
of food – helping over 170 families! Our neighbors struggle more than we think; but, together, we can help to fill real needs.

Shopping tip for frequent food box shoppers:

Fred Meyer’s ClickList makes shopping for a food box easy.  Simply set up an account on-line at and place your order.  When the time comes to pick-up the order (reservations are made as part of the order) drive to the Garden Center parking lot and park in one of the identified stalls.  A sign post at the front of the stall has a phone number to call and the order is brought to the car in large recyclable bags.

Here's how you can help

Sign up to DONATE a box on March 29:

South Kirkland Donations

North Kirkland Donations

Sign up to HELP CARRY BOXES (2 hr time slots) on March 29:

South Kirkland Onsite Volunteers

North Kirkland Onsite Volunteers


Locations for Food Box Donations:

SOUTH Kirkland: LDS Church - 7720 126th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA

NORTH Kirkland: LDS Church - 13220 NE 132nd St, Kirkland, WA (East of Evergreen Hospital)

We aren't set up to take cash money, but we might be able to make connections with members of the Eastside Timebank or a youth group to shop for a limited number for those that would not otherwise be able to donate. Send any requests for this assistance to Dave Asher.

Grocery List

​Please find a ​sturdy cardboard box (or two) and fill it with these items​. No glass, please! Sizes are approximate -­ variations are fine!

KNN Grocery List
Product Quantity Type
Instant Oatmeal Packets (Country Choice, Quaker, etc.) 2 boxes
Canned soup (Progresso, Healthy Choice, etc.) 10.5 oz cans
Canned vegetables 2 14.5 oz cans
Canned fruit 2 15 oz cans
Rice (jasmine, white, brown, etc.) 1 32 oz bag
Crackers (Ritz, Club, Wheat Thins, etc.) 1 16 oz box
Peanut butter (NO GLASS!) 1 28 oz jar
Applesauce (NO GLASS!) 1 48 oz jar
Cooking oil (olive, canola, etc.) 1 32 oz bottle
Onions, bell peppers, chilies, garlic, etc. 5 pieces
Fresh green vegetables (broccoli, green beans, salad) 2 bags
Fresh fruit (apples, oranges, pears, etc.) 1 dozen




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